​Sector distinctive capabilities

We believe in a sectorial approach to delivering capabilities, technology, and professional services as each sector has its own unique risks, operating practices and business issues.  

That’s why Ark’s product team, delivery team and consultants are subject matter experts as well as sector matter experts.  Ark advises each sector on regulatory changes, deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients compliance and success.  We offer a wide range of services that reinforces our core operational risk, compliance and safety focus. These capabilities and tools are delivered to clients through a variety of models and long-term high contact support.


Property & Real Estate

Ark has over 25 years of understanding property management organisations and now how rapidly the sector is changing through high value driven competition.

Care of a building with occupiers has come to mean so much more such as the ease of responsiveness and speed of information exchange between the site staff, asset management and the tenants. Additionally, the intimacy with the occupiers and what service value adding can do for good will, to the challenge of risk mitigating in unmanned sites.

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Ark have been in the service sector for over 20 years serving services companies  including financial services, facilities services , technology, telecom, professional services and engineering services locally and  internationally.

We have a depth of understanding of the unique practices and challenges facing the services industry as a whole and the peculiarities of specialist services companies and their drivers to deliver.

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Ark has over 15 years experience within the retail sector helping the most prestigious brands and innovative retailers gain continued advantage.  We consider agility as a single distinctive capability and reflected throughout our range of product offerings, service design, and engagement as retailers find themselves facing a waning of uncertainty as they wait to see how changes in credit availability, commodity prices, and consumer demand will pan out. 

The one thing that is clear, however, is that waiting is the last thing retailers should do. It is only by taking decisive action now on how they can synchronise operational risk, compliance, safety and sustainability to ensure they are able to offset pressures on their top line, enhance their profitability, and emerge in a stronger financial position to make the investments required for long-term value creation without creating risks and issues around legacy audit practices to legacy EHS systems to ​unconnected management reporting. 

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Hospitality & Leisure

Ark has been providing services to the hospitality and leisure industry for over 20 years. This  industry embraces a spectrum of sectors and businesses across hotels, public houses, restaurants, travel and tourism, sport and leisure and gaming. 

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Transport & Logistics

Ark have been working with transport and logistics organisations and their cross roads ahead for readiness to embrace digitisation at the risk of sticking with business as usual which is now reaching a critical point. 

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