Transport & Logistics

Sector distinctive capabilities 

Ark have been working with transport and logistics organisations and their cross roads ahead for readiness to embrace digitisation at the risk of sticking with business as usual which is now reaching a critical point.  

Our laboratory is already creating intelligent systems leveraging innovative use of technology and architecture and professional services to wrap Operational Risk, Compliance, Safety and Sustainability which can respond to real time logistics, transport and traveler demand with external conditions and start to predict and avoid accidents and incidents.Operational Risk, Compliance, Safety and Sustainability will benefit from new cognitive technology and models with the potential to save lives, improve the health of physical assets and deliver more sustainable business and operating models. 

Ark is at the forefront of helping clients connect their people, customers, supply chain, assets and processes to scale with the new hyper connected world, simplifying the complexity to bring inherent value and resilience to the fold. 

Transport trends 

The transport industry has taken the cross road to the digital path disrupting the status quo with widening recognition of information everywhere, user centered services, integrated and consolidated intelligence around demand, new measures of performance, physical assets and real time intelligent systems to manage capacity, predict and avoid disruption and the new collaborations between private and public innovation to provide better experiences and protect citizens whilst scaling globally. 

The future of logistics

The future for logistics with change from freight rate flux to global trade slow downs, to new specialised services based on new customer demand to the shift of bargaining power between carriers and logistics service providers and high input costs driving cost structures has created new opportunities and challenges for the industry as a whole.


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