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Ark has over 25 years' of experience and knowledge in understanding property management and how the industry is rapidly changing through high value driven competition.

Care of a building with corporate property or occupiers has come to mean so much more e.g. the ease of responsiveness, speed of information exchange between the site staff, asset management and the tenants, the intimacy with the occupiers and what service value adding can do for good will, to the challenge of risk mitigating in unmanned sites. Business issues such as occupier continuity to smart buildings to user insights and reporting now means that property organisations are looking for client intimacy, a more predictable, future proofed customer centric approach as the occupier is driven to the heart of the operating strategy.

Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety in regards to occupiers liability and safety solutions is as much about preventing accidents and incidents as its about usability, value and usefulness for its stakeholders.

We know this approach works.  In the long term we see that as service improves, investment performance improves through greater occupier continuity. Our ultimate goal is to deliver to owners, tenants, clients and occupiers solutions that deliver competitive value and measurable benefits.

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