​Sector distinctive capability

Ark has blend of capabilities not readily available elsewhere that cover growing requirements within the Retail sector. We also have a deep understanding of how to deliver retail outsourcing and technology solutions that can meet adapting strategic requirements whilst delivering competitive cost efficiencies. 

Shopping will become more experiential; eating, entertainment and “living” the shopping experience will take on prominence. The global market will grow rapidly with markets such as China and India with the in flood of world brands.  Beyond 2015, we envision a knowledge management revolution in global markets where the successful retailers will be transferring their best retail practices including operational risk, compliance and safety from one territory to another adopting federal tiered approaches as opposed to enterprise approaches with non-strategic local variations.​


Strategic outsourcing

Adapting to the changing retail environment companies will require more flexibility than ever.  While the outsourcing of basic goods is projected to grow in the global economy, companies also are adopting approaches for the outsourcing of non-core competencies e.g. innovation, software development, business process outsourcing and talent sourcing across national boundaries. This will mean that outsourcing audits, operational risk, compliance and safety together with sustainability reporting will continue to grow in demand.  Ark has developed a suite of enhanced and extended offerings that can scale and grow to meet these new demands.

Agile & connected collaboration

In order to reduce the many roadblocks that naturally occur between retailers and suppliers, the retail industry is moving towards creating greater beneficial value in agile and connected collaboration. To achieve better alignment of goals and drive greater efficiency, retailers and suppliers are becoming trading partners, sharing details and processes on global to store level product launches, trade promotions, inventory management and supply chain operations.

Collaborative efforts that are agile and connected have been proven to deliver joint value,  Ark has been recognised for distinctive capabilities around delivery that are agile to support retail activities such as store promotion days, and the responsiveness in its advisory and audit to adapt and implement to these changing requirements which ultimately impact operational risk, compliance and safety.

Security & privacy

Information sharing will reach new levels in the industry. As the retail industry moves to implement an “intelligent” value chain based on the exchange of data across the entire supply chain - resulting in greater efficiencies and just-in-time inventory management,  the need for retailers to protect and provide security around customer information will be paramount.

The security of personal data will become a critical retail issue going forward as well as security to privileged information on performance and issues. Ark are leading the technology security drive to far more resilient and robust security practices in outsourcing and technology with QUOODA® meeting worldwide standards.

Importance of technology

Technology is greatly contributing to improved operational efficiency for retailers but the importance of technology in the future success will become far greater. There is, and will be, an overwhelming need to effectively manage the business through business intelligence. Demand based management can succeed only with real-time data information delivered through increasingly newer forms of technology delivery systems. 

As a result, retailing will become more responsive and personal, and customer data and relationships will lay emphasis on personalisation and behavior.  Ark look to all horizons for opportunities where our input will matter, and value can be aligned in the product and service solutions as well as delivery. Consumers are increasingly proactive in their purchase decisions and selective about with whom they want to do business. Additionally, consumers will increase their focus on purchasing products from socially responsible and “green- friendly” manufacturers and retailers. This will be the difference between looking good and being good.

Ark believes that continued investment in sustainability reporting in store and digital communications together with delivery of efficiency and information exchange in the process and connectivity between retailer and suppliers will continue to make Ark not just a solutions provider but an enabler to new value creation.

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