Sector distinctive capabilities

Ark have been in the service sector for over 20 years serving services organisations including financial services, facilities services, technology, telecom, professional services and engineering services locally and internationally. 

Our depth and understanding of the unique practices and challenges facing the services industry as a whole and the peculiarities of specialist services organisations and their drivers to deliver on their brand promises helps us to create a single compelling product and delivery suite for the services sector whilst augmenting what makes the difference between success and failure in the service vertical as well as uniquely for that organisation. 

Our approach 

We approach this sector with the view that our clients, people, supply chain and their customer chain play a vital role in delivery and that this is not where it ends as workspaces, workplaces, work collaboration and knowledge significantly play a part in enabling super performance in service delivery.

Our high client intimacy approach enables collaboration with our clients and their customer chain, sector trade industry alliances and partners continue to forge our distinctive capabilities and intrinsic innovative and responsive character to provide world-class service to our clients and support their competitive position as premium brands, brave new start up visionaries and global organisations.

Ark will remain market leading in developing new products, services, outsourcing capabilities concepts tools and technologies and so all these challenges can be met today and future proofed for tomorrow.

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Global direction

Increasingly, global competition, the agents of talent, the introduction of new technologies, and a greater focus on sustainability have driven operational risk, compliance and safety in new directions. These new directions include employees working from the office, home and third workspaces, seasonal periods, open losses with closed offices, open offices, hot desks and touchdown points.

Emergence of new service lines in operational risk, compliance and safety audits to compliance and regulatory controls for occasional workers to on the move, global workforces to outsourcing all embracing the new flat and digital world. By definition people are central to workplaces without people workplaces are simply places. However the purpose of the workplace is to support people which has become more complex - conceiving compliant, safe, resilient, smart and cost-effective workplaces and with that capabilities for organisations to support culture, socialise, build relations and have fun.

As organisational boundaries expand beyond the physical space the boundaries of our industry as a new ecosystem evolve so does designing new and more flexible service concepts. We believe it's critical to have a operational risk, compliance and safety solution offering with a end to end mindset covering the entire life cycle.

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