COVID - 19 Information

 This section of our company website is solely dedicated to all information relating to the ongoing   COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic with the aim of keeping all our business stakeholders and the   wider communities we serve fully informed of our intentions and actions.

 The policies, procedures and guidelines we have provided our staff and our clients have been     developed  with safety at the forefront of our thinking to allow us to maintain activities in line with   clear government directives and guidance and to continue working in the interests of our clients,   society and the wider economy. All information has been produced in accordance with safety   guidance provided by the Government and recommendations adopted from our own COVID-19 risk   assessment. (staying-covid-19-secure-accessible_1)

 At Ark the safety and well-being of all our people, whether they be directly employed or associated   with the company is our absolute priority at all times.

 Ark’s COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment has highlighted the need to:

  • Ensure that as many as possible work from home where they can by utilising remote working tools to avoid in-person meetings
  • Ensure effective and on-going deep cleaning arrangements at our head office including workstations etc.
  • Extend the hand-sanitising provision within the office.
  • Agree working times and arrangements within the office to reduce interaction, congestion etc.
  • Remove the option for hot desking within the office.
  • Work collaboratively with our landlord in providing a COVID-19 secure environment in areas not under our control.
  • Limit the number of persons who work from the head office in order to secure the 2m social distancing requirements with additional mitigation where 2m is not viable.
  • Inform our customers, where staff are required to attend sites and buildings of the risk control measures we have put in place including the use of face coverings, hand washing and COVID-19 monitoring.

 If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us via