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Workman LLP

Jun 30, 2015, 10:55 AM


In 2004 Workman, Health, Safety and Environmental Director, Danny Lamar was looking to introduce an online platform for reporting across Workman’s 700 locations within the UK.  It was crucial to have a system that was easy to use, and comprehensive in terms of recording, monitoring, reviewing, and reporting total risks management throughout the business.

Business needs

Workman required a system whereby employees, clients and contractors, could access risk management information in real time over the internet. Provide a holding bank for statutory documents. Manage and monitor risk performance, and have the ability to run and distribute real-time management reports to clients and various levels of employees. Workman also needed to integrate data from disparate systems and deliver trusted information as a whole, whilst providing an efficient workflow that complemented the company’s existing business processes and increase efficiency.


QUOODA® health and safety management and reporting module is now used across Workman sites and controls risks ​within Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance, as well as helping to provide a safer working environment for all. 


  • Total transparency throughout the business to enable stakeholders to fully evaluate risks, and provide them with a number of helpful tools for communication risk management
  • Workman has reduced overall risk and non-conformance to the bare minimum, currently achieving 95% compliance at any given time.

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