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International Asset Manager & Specialist Bank

Jun 30, 2015, 11:12 AM

Examples of problems and associated implications the business needed to solve

  • Unavailability of critical data for decision making
  • High operational expenses
  • Potentially losing out on new business opportunities due to unavailable CSR and health and safety policies and credentials
  • Inefficient risk management process
  • Lack of process standardisation and benchmarking
  • Corporate objective of performing as a socially responsible employer


  • Our new client will use QUOODA® Ark’s Operational, Risk & Compliance Platform as well as our Professional Services Solutions. 

  • A comprehensive platform providing all key functionalities to address the pressing business requirements

  • Bundling the solution with professional services/consultancy to provide additional comfort around project delivery and service execution

  • 3 tier solution support mechanism aligned to global service management best practices

  • Cost effective modular solution resulting in lower upfront CAPEX and on-going OPEX

Key benefits 

  • Global policy and standards compliance 
  • Consolidated risk management across all corporate undertakings – current scope includes implementation in 7 countries 
  • Real time data availability – for timely reporting providing business insights, foresights and hindsight
  • Process standardisation and improvement
  • Competitive advantage by being an actively socially responsible business 
  • Alignment with respective laws covering their undertakings. 
  • Effective management of safety related risks with respect to its global corporate infrastructure

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