Ark has an enviable track record in providing businesses with competent building safety support. Our reputation in the market is not an accident, it has been established over many years, through many cases, due to our unique capabilities we have established:

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Practice management

We have proven and tested processes and tools to deliver day-to-day services, strategic advice and emergency support. Our excellent Professional Indemnity insurance cover for this service has been gained by providing an impeccable track record of zero client convictions and a track record in providing high impact results.

of the issue

We have over 25 years of sectorial experience specialising in property, a strong body of awareness through advising residential and commercial property owners and agents, government, industry and trade memberships. We have worked with various associations in property to deliver thought leadership through educational webinars to property round-tables. We are solution providers not technical problem solvers and can understand the technical issues, the technology necessities and legal requirements to meet the Building Safety Act 2022 and the Fire Safety Act 2021.


Utilising our professionalism, our people, process and tools at the forefront, we can deliver competitive Service Levels.

Effective Communication

We believe that communication in risk, compliance and safety needs to be timely, straightforward, concise, consistent and simple.

Level of Knowledge

We have deep grounded knowledge the capacity to flex and scale our capabilities to deliver building safety, including fire and structural safety, services, underpinned by a market leading competence framework and expert panel. Clients have comfort not in just Business as Usual but in Complex, Contentious and Critical matters.


We have codes of conduct and tried and tested processes and methodologies designed to deliver the highest standards of professionalism throughout the client's engagement with Ark.

Timely resolution

24/7 - we have a strong commitment to support our clients in a timely manner. Our Support Centre has standard response times…same day, 3 days and 7 days depending upon the nature of the issue.

Effective outcomes

We measure ourselves on the value we add and our ability to make a measurable difference to our clients success.