Ark’s new BSA (Building Safety Assurance) solution provides an end-to-end solution or where required pick and mix on a technology platform that allows the AP and users an easy, simple and cheaper way towards managing all these requirements.

The Building Safety Act Includes 
35 Activities and Responsibilities to Manage


Building Safety Assurance Service

About this service


Our assurance services are delivered through
3 phased stages based upon the following model

Building Safety Assurance Service


The service provides appropriate levels of competence to AP/PAPs, property management
and others (including other stakeholders) in assisting them in meeting their responsibilities.

Proposed methodology

Phase 1 - Determine Your Building Safety Management System for Implementation

Plan, Organise, Monitor and Review
(Establishing and Implementing Competent Person Assistance)

1. We start with a site-specific Gap Analysis and a review of your documentation and records for readiness and risk management within the building are conducted in consultation with our Team - to record 'suitable and sufficient baseline risks' along with an action and monitoring plan, this will be used to determine compliance and monitoring needs.

2. An Initial status review will be completed to determine gaps measured against the minimum requirements as detailed within the Building Safety Act with how the safety is currently managed, providing a detailed register of required golden thread documentation, policy, procedures and record keeping requirements.

3. Using the collated information and current performance position, a Competent Building Safety Director shall prepare your Building Safety Action Plan that will identify the gaps along with the required activities that are needed to close such gaps.

Phase 2 - Building Safety Management Implementation

Consideration and use of the clients current building safety management and control systems including the policies, strategies, procedures and practices required to manage building safety.

Closing the gaps identified - including the safety arrangements for organising, planning, monitoring and reviewing of such procedures and practices installed to manage the preventative and proactive including:

  • To set up and configure QUOODA (technology platform) for effective building safey management and meeting the 35 requriements.
  • Measures required for identifying the responsibilities of everyone
  • Determine what needs to be done, when and by whom and
  • Ensuring that these are carried out and remain applicable to the changing needs of the client as it grows, and legislation / requirements change.

The provision of competent building safety support and advice with the delivery of targeted, competent persons who will undertake specific, structured and planned tasks as well as respond to the unplanned and reactive issues of the day.

Phase 3 – Monitoring Support

In certain circumstances, the client may require additional time or expertise to implement or to monitor various aspects of the management system. The service is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific site needs, by requesting additional days at the day rate. This may include other divisions in the group to which Ark belong to. Examples are monitoring and appraisal during the external wall facade remediation, to monitoring the commissioning of a new fire safety works, fire stopping has been installed and needs verification to this end

  1. A brief is established and agreed, listing the areas to be monitored, the frequency and the type of monitoring/implementing required.
  2. At the agreed frequency of monitoring/implementing, findings are recorded, and your Ark competent consultant will support you as a 'Competent Person' to undertake your safety duties.

Other Options

Hybrid Competent Person Service

As detailed above, the "Hybrid Competent Person Service" is designed to support the client in meeting its obligations and the requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022 and is the same as the delivering of Phases 1 and 2 as detailed above. Once the advice is provided, the client shall, if required, provide resources to implement any changes, plans, policies, procedures, arrangements and the like.

Day Rate Competent Person Service

This approach does not fully meet the obligations and the requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022, although this service delivers "as and when required" support and assistance for the client in meeting its specific building safety requirements as and when required and as directed/instructed by the client.

The service would commence by adopting the approach as detailed in Phase 1 and as detailed above based on a day rate approach with any further support and assistance being provided on a day-rate basis directed by the Client's team - N.B. This does not meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022 in respect of delivering competent support to the client. This is because there may not be the time, planning and other things that would be supportive to that level of assurance.

The service provides appropriate levels of competence to AP/PAPs, property management
and others (including other stakeholders) in assisting them in meeting their responsibilities.

Proposed methodology