Mobile Solutions

Innovative & world class Mobile ​Software Solution

Being ready means equipping your workforce to do more on the move and remotely, ensuring they can manage your organisations Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety programmes as easily, efficiently and safely as possible. QUOODA® has pioneered an end-to-end Mobile ​Software Platform (not just an app) that delivers agile, highly customisable and secure Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety solutions on the move, tailored to meet the exact needs of your people, management systems – and your business.

Enterprise advantage

More flexible and better future proofing than an app for enterprise deployments.

Multi language customisation and support throughout.

World class highest security encryption and protocols.

Innovative & affordable

Build new templates, modules, forms and checklists, fields for Operational Risk, Compliance, Safety and Sustainability.

Technology enables you to easily customise your own data, zero code configuration.

Worlds first enterprise platform, central control and joined up multi-sites.

User experience 

Offline advanced features and functions for your workforce mobility

Comprehensive range of features and custom packs for sectors

User friendly ability to assign task, report incidences, verify, validate and notify all from your device

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