Intelligence based on concept

The name QUOODA® comes from merging two important concepts “QU” and “OODA”. “QU” comes from 'query'.  “O-O-D-A” is the decision cycle of Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act. Originally developed by a military strategist, OODA is a set of combat operations processes and is now applied to commercial operations and learning processes favouring agility and overall power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavour. 

We have applied this concept to Operational Risk, Compliance, Safety, Security and Performance where there is a recurring cycle of “Observation”, “Orientation” “Decision” and “Action”.

OODA sotry

Competitive advantage & improved governance

Using an organic design for command and control we believe that competitive advantage and improved governance can be achieved through operating within a faster tempo and rhythm, unifying value throughout the organisation. 

Unlike other applications software and legacy systems the risk, compliance, security, safety and performance could operate O-O-D-A principles within its innovative open architecture. Thus the inbuilt intelligence surpasses other applications across the Software Platforms in this domain. Our clients tell us we put them at the centre of user experience, user design and support. We believe that combining that with innovative architecture is what differentiates us. 

QUOODA® gains more business value over time as it is trained towards continual development to its intelligence engine and adapt changing updates on technology along the way in a seamless manner. 


QUOODA® can very easily take data from all sorts of sources including live feeds, Tweets, web services and ETL. QUOODA® innovation lab is now experimenting with high-volume, high- memory, unstructured data to enable management of unstructured documents in a matter of seconds.This will allow customers the freedom to simplify, quickly connect and integrate with the other systems and information sources to create a very powerful global Software Solution.


QUOODA® has the ability to organise the data so as to expose all of its connections and elements at any level with 360° view capability. This enables users to create relationships within the data structures that can remove previous constraints of viewing data and insights at multiple levels as experienced through legacy systems, whilst preserving governance of privacy and privileges. This unleashes new capabilities for customers to benefit from having information and insight at an enterprise wide thus having the ability for a single version of truth on risk, compliance, safety, security and performance in addition to behavioural level culture and knowledge. 


QUOODA®  is built to have features such as ability to “discover content” in order to carry out advanced reporting in real time enabling decision support throughout the organisation and sharing hind sights, insights and foresights on the go like never before. 


QUOODA® can utilise over 1000 components, functions, pictures and algorithms to help you turn that insight and decisions into actions and close feedback loops, including intelligent automation to create thresholds to determine when and how to act throughout your risks, compliance, safety, security and performance programs at a global level and local level.

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