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Pioneering Fire Safety Solutions for built environments since 1985

Ark's Approach

We believe Fire Safety is more than just engineering. Our holistic approach is based on deep understanding of Fire Safety in the built environment, so we support clients across their business goals, safety strategies and, in today’s post-Grenfell climate, through contentious times when defensibility becomes a priority. We are passionate about providing exceptional quality and workable solutions, and believe this starts by asking the right questions.

When combined with the decades of experience of Ark’s highly qualified UK team, this approach enables us to develop strong relationships and fit-for-purpose solutions to difficult problems that actually work in real world situations, not just the theoretical world of fire modelling. We believe in standing beside our clients and pride ourselves on their trust in our technical excellence, our delivery approach and confidence in our response to critical, contentious and complex Fire Safety situations.

High Level Specialists

Ark’s dedicated fire safety professional services team are experts in their field, delivering the highest quality of advice, guidance and assistance through real life experience of the built environment, adding real value to business aims and objects through the delivery of market-leading fire safety solutions. 

Client Focus

Our emphasis is on understanding our clients, their goals and problems. This gives us the insight to bring successful and meaningful advice and provide solutions for all our client’s business requirements throughout the lifecycle of a property.

Responsive 24/7

We believe in being with our clients every step of the way, which includes providing help whenever it is required. Our comprehensive support system is available all year round.

Core Services

We focus on a broad range of fire specialist services to cover the ownership, operation and occupation of the built environment and its lifecycle, guaranteeing the highest quality of advice and solutions backed by decades of experience.


Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Software

With QUOODA®, clients have a complete solution for all their fire safety management and are able to capture, file, use, deliver, control and share vital fire safety information and documentation that provides awareness, visibility and transparency.

The digital ‘golden thread’ ensure that owners and managers have a thorough understanding of what they must do to keep those who use such buildings safe in a fire scenario.

In today’s post-Grenfell climate, owners and managers need to be able to manage this data as buildings are altered and adjusted throughout its lifecycle and ensure that such changes in buildings are replicated in the documentation they need to have in place, so that it can be monitored, maintained and transferred accordingly.

Ark’s software solution makes sure clients don’t just have a static document, but instead a digital platform that offers the capability to keep up with physical and digital transformation.

Fire Strategy

Ark’s Fire Strategy is a summary of what needs to be in place at premises and what needs to be done in the event of a fire, including how the person in control of the premises will easily translate this into measurable action.

Ark’s Fire Strategies utilise the design and build fire strategy to set out key information regarding the as-built fire protection systems and arrangements within the building and the necessary management systems – but in a simple, clear and easily usable format using a proven approach.

Fire Strategies are often undertaken following the handing over of a building to new managers or as a result of misunderstandings or lack of awareness of how a building is to be managed in respect of fire safety.

Fire Surveys and Compartmentation

Compartmentation forms a key part of fire safety arrangements in all buildings and is an important facet of fire risk assessments. Properly managed and installed compartmentation is not only a legal requirement, it prevents the spread of fire and smoke by sub-dividing buildings and, importantly, gives time for occupants to evacuate safely.

Fire compartmentation and fire stopping is easily ignored and missed, as high-risk areas are often hidden behind suspended or false ceilings, ducts and risers, allowing the risk for fire spreading to go unknown and unchecked for months, years - or until it is too late.

Ark’s specialist fire safety consultants can give clients the comfort and peace of mind that adequate fire protection and compartmentation is in place. Bringing the capability and experience to conduct the highest quality of Passive Fire Safety Survey/Compartmentation and Fire Stopping Audits, Ark’s specialists provide tailored reports to each client that includes wide-ranging considerations across wall lining materials, fire doors, compartmentation and fire-resistant walls, ceilings and floors.

Fire Management Plans

Fire Management Plans are required in all buildings, demised areas and workplaces, setting out how various fire safety systems, preventive and protective arrangements are planned, organised, controlled, monitored and reviewed.

Ark has developed a format that specifically caters for those in control of premises, enabling building and tenant managers to easily understand the building strategies adopted within the building. This includes arrangements such as maintenance regimes, frequencies and requirements, management arrangements and fire risk assessment requirements. With Ark’s Plan, managers know exactly what they need to do – and when.

Fire Safety Risk Assessments

Ark’s Fire Risk Assessments are developed by experts in fire safety. They focus on crucial aspects of fire safety, life safety and how fire affects people in the built environment. These fire assessments go above and beyond a normal Fire Risk Assessment, beyond ticking a box for compliance. They are built to be useful and useable in any situation, with a digital capability that brings the risk owners interaction and visibility throughout the lifecycle.

General and Specialist Fire Advice

We provide many specific services that go beyond compliance including supporting clients during emergencies, emergency preparedness, tenant's disputes, pre-acquisition, due diligence, enforcement support and contractor approvals. We also provide guidance on design specification, refurbishments, re-stacks and the effects on occupational resources.

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