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Celebrating innovation and supporting children’s charities with Workplace Week

At Ark Workplace Risk we’re always looking for new ways to engage with the industry and opportunities to support worthy causes. So it was fantastic to be able to achieve both recently by taking part in the Workplace Week London 2018 Annual Black Tie Dinner, which helped to raise £22,000 for BBC Children in Need.

Promoting innovation
The workplace is undergoing radical change. Cloud-powered systems, Internet of Things “smart” devices, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and even robotics are reshaping our lives and our working environments. This will have profound implications for the occupational health and safety industry. But if managed correctly, digital transformation could herald some major improvements in productivity, cost reduction, employee wellbeing and much more.

The truth is that some organisations are already further down that road than others. That’s why Workplace Week is such a great initiative. Now in its seventh year, the annual London-based event aims to spread innovation and ideas on new models of working by hosting events and workplace tours so participants can see what their peers are up to. This year’s event had the support of more than 750 workplace professionals and 50 organisations, hosting eight dedicated fringe events and 30 workplace tours including visits to Expedia’s UK HQ, Lloyd’s of London, RBS and many more.

Giving back
But more importantly, the event raises money for BBC Children in Need. It was our pleasure to pledge our own sum by taking part in the black-tie event 23 floors up at the top of Willis Tower in the City. The cutting-edge glass and steel structure provided a fitting backdrop to an event focussed on innovation.

We look forward to playing our part in the continued evolution of the workplace, and supporting more worthy causes, as we enter 2019.

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