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QUOODA®: Simplify Site Management, expedite growth


QUOODA® 2018 by Ark Workplace Risk

Since Ark began in 1994, we have embarked on a mission to ensure businesses are not only compliant with recent legislation, but to also simplify the Health & Safety management process.   

QUOODA® is an Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety Platform available from Ark Workplace Risk that allows for H&S transparency. Our innovative QUOODA® software reduces time spent on administration, whilst illuminating H&S issues across business sites and their severity levels to ensure immediate action.

By using our software, our clients are not only able to view live status updates of outstanding risks within their properties, but also access this invaluable information from any device with internet access - allowing a 360 degree view of their compliance. QUOODA® has the ability to link all properties to one platform, creating a single management solution for all your properties.

With its 256 bit encryption, your data is stored on a cloud server with user restrictions entirely in your hands. As we advance further into the digital age, lost hard copies of official documents need not be an issue we still endure. Through QUOODA®, health and safety teams can access all reports and supporting documents within QUOODA® upon upload, minimising the risk of losing valuable documentation.

Due to simplifying the process of operational risk whilst also creating a user-friendly and accessible database for risk compliance and risk management, businesses are able to bring their attention to further growing their business – where we would all ideally like to bring our focus.

To find out more about QUOODA®, call Ark today on 020 7397 1450. 

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