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Can AI recognise risk?


With AI applications already being used in construction and manufacturing all with associated H&S implications, it appears the AI revolution has arrived.

Although AI may appear to be a distant development, drones have been gradually introduced to the Health & Safety environment due to their numerous and remarkable capabilities. Drones cannot only cover high ground and restrictive areas, but also work to ensure Health & Safety compliance at all times due to continuous surveillance. The AI component is crucial to the effectiveness of drone surveillance and potentially possesses the ability to quickly and accurately interpret large images.

The question we fear is; just how easy can AI recognise risk over humans? Local site visits will undoubtedly always be carried out to ensure thorough inspections, however it is still anticipated AI will soon be able to recognise risk instantaneously and calculate the percentage of likeness of incidents happening again, without human intervention.

With the latest enforcement figures published by HSE showing a major rise in health and safety fines of around 80%, the evolution could look to only improve matters. It’s still unknown how AI will develop and to what speed in our industry –as CEO I’ll be watching trends and patterns to develop our solutions and keep up with the rapid changes ahead of us.

We are passionate about what the future holds.

Yours faithfully

Rosalind Benjamin
CEO & Founder, Ark Workplace Risk

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