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Cladding, and why it may be a Fire Risk

Cladding is used in part to insulate buildings, offer weather protection as well as improve appearance ensuring the mechanical structure of the building remains sound as well as protecting occupants.  The drive towards greater energy efficiencies means more buildings may have been wrapped in flammable materials. Our Fire Management Specialists advise that such cladding could act like a chimney for the flames by allowing the fire to spread upwards between the cladding and the building walls.

Mike Penning, former fire minister called for an urgent review noting that this type of flammable cladding is used extensively in the UK and abroad. With accounts of approximately 30,000 buildings in the UK fitted with cladding similar to that on Grenfell Tower.

With our team of dedicated Fire Management specialists we can review cladding in order to reduce, mitigate and manage the building’s fire safety risks.  We provide our clients with trusted advice, guidance and assistance in deciding their Fire Safety Management approach and the options open to them when considering Fire Safety Risk, as well as delivering market leading Fire Safety Solutions which add real value to client business aims and objectives.

Our Fire Risk Services are consultative and advisory with systems and solutions designed to add tangible value, effectively manage Fire Safety Risk and perform globally and / or locally as determined by your organisational structure and objectives. 

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