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CEO Opinion on Risk & Opportunities for Safety & Compliance, Post Brexit.

The aftermath of the UK voting to leave the EU saw immediate market volatility and uncertainty with organisational impacts in risk, operations, compliance and strategic perspectives. This left organisations reporting to the Board with the question on how workplace risk, compliance, performance and safety would be best managed and the need to identify the new risks and consequences associated with the uncertainty, how risks are managed and mitigated, and lastly what opportunities arise.

Post Brexit systems & reports need to address: 

  • Any enhanced impacts for existing risks such as changes in legislation and compliance
  • Whether the complexity associated with unknowns heed detailed impact analysis
  • Available new technologies and techniques on the market to cope with potential impacts 
  • How your organisation can use this uncertainty to further differentiate for competitive advantage
  • Whether outsourcing compliance to a third party company could offer the stability needed in such uncertain times, creating outcomes and delivering benefits such as:

        -  Increased flexibility 
        -  Expand or reduce capacity at short notice
        -  Policy & legal compliance
        -  Process improvements & strategic fit 
        -  Enhanced quality of service and resilience 
        -  Reduced costs & external impacts
        -  Risk reduction & opportunity mapping 

We hope you find this information useful input for scenario planning. Please get in contact with ARK if you would like to discuss any areas in more detail.

Rosalind Benjamin 
CEO & Founder, Ark Workplace Risk 
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