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Ark in final stages of outsourcing contract with one of the largest property development and investment companies

The property development and investment company has been working in partnership with Ark since 2009 benefiting from using Ark’s professional services as well as recently using QUOODA® Ark’s Workplace Governance Risk Compliance Software Solution to manage their entire property portfolio.

Examples of the benefits and values include:

  • Create a road-map for benefits and performances with the view to optimising business value at every opportunity 
  • Increased visibility of compliance levels and defendable due diligence
  • Business led compliance with legal requirements 
  • Value driven training and knowledge sharing 
  • Initiatives to impact safety culture and productivity
  • Access to timely H&S advice with their business risk appetite tolerance considered
  • Specialist advice for all areas of the business not just their H&S department taking a holistic view
  • Better protection for employees through more proactive actionable and specific guidance
  • Investigations for all accidents/incidents relating to their employees including problem solving their systemic issues
  • Liaising with insurers to provide complimentary services to increase value to the client and due diligence
  • Operational remedial action can be resolved in a timelier manner creating faster time to value

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