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Two-Day Refresher & Update - onsite team training

Ideal for existing QUOODA® users looking to accelerate optimisation of QUOODA®

Accidents & Incidents - online training

This course features real-world situational training to design an accidents & incident system for the changing and complex world of multiple variables.

Super Users Introductory Training for QUOODA® Essential & Premium - webinar

Introductory training for super users for QUOODA® Essentials and Premium.

How to Design & Implement QUOODA® as a Digital Solution - onsite team training​

If you are looking to focus on a hybrid of training, coaching, and consultation for your QUOODA® project, this is your session. We'll come to you where consultation is led ...

QUOODA® Enterprise Platform Users - onsite team hybrid training sessions

This is a set of custom training sessions based on the Step Assured Implementation Methodology and is best suited for companies that prefer to invest in employee training and engage ...

Desktop Training

This is a great session for you if you are a small to medium organisation or looking to use QUOODA® at a basic level.

QUOODA® Essentials Training - webinar

​Mobile whilst learning about ideas and practices in mobile and digital health and safety.

Building Modules in QUOODA® - webinar and on-site training

QUOODA® Premium bundles everything you need to create your own module in just one screen.

QUOODA® Premium Users - webinar

Learn about practices digitising your health and safety management whilst learning how to use QUOODA® to achieve optimisation.

Basic Introduction by Module - webinar

QUOODA® Essential & Premium - webinar training

Health & Safety in the Digital Age & Digitising Operations, Risk and Compliance for FM - webinar

QUOODA® offerings can be future proofed and optimised as quickly, simply and intelligently as you require using the platforms’ modern technology and innovative architecture.