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Assets protected
​assets protected
Assets Protected
£90K +
saved per annum *
Efficiencies saved
​70% +
efficiencies saved yr 1 *
* average per deployment

QUOODA® is a Workplace Risk, Compliance, Health & Safety Software from Ark Workplace Risk

QUOODA® lets organisations integrate, consolidate and associate their workplace risk, compliance and health and safety programmes on site and across global operations.

Using Ark Workplace Risk’s proprietary Step Assured Methodology, QUOODA® is a cloud and on-premise software platform which allows organisations to access a global network of resources while creating personalised experiences for customers and their supply chain.

Your QUOODA® Software is created to fit with your strategy and budget with options to upgrade as and when requirements change. Customers can leverage the flexible design to add modules to address adhoc and pressing requirements.

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mobile enterprise software

Work on the move

zero code configuration software

Zero code configuration

health & safety reporting software

Reporting & analytics

Integration with 3rd party software

3rd party integration & consolidation

QUOODA® was built to synchronise organisations Workplace Risk, Compliance, Safety and Performance programmes with the rest of their organisations’ rate of transformation.


Simplify, optimise and connect your business as well as your supply and customer chain. Access a single, highly connective platform with intelligent user interface and automation in real-time, cutting out unnecessary steps delivering simplicity and efficiency ahead of today's current market.



​Mobile Solutions

Build on your platform using the functional mobile solutions and business modules, then add or change them in any order. This function is even available offline, using as few steps as required with our new, revolutionary user interface. 

Implementation & Support

Straightforward implementation that significantly reduces time and cost with a support package that meets all your needs and requirements.

​Hosting & Platform

Flexible offering of four different hosting and on-premise options to support your organisation. Hosted on-site on your own servers or at a location of your choice.


QUOODA® Releases highlighting major enhancements, new features as well as improvements to existing modules. 

Introduce intelligence & capability to your organisation today with QUOODA®

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