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ACT NOW: Building Safety 2.0 Masterclass

With new legislation proposed for Building Safety Management and Fire Safety, we've introduced a Masterclass series to support building managers and owners of high-risk buildings. Over a series of 5 sessions, we're giving an overview of new legislation, insight into the emerging roles around building safety, the use of technology, and practical implementation tips.


Delivered by industry experts, including Claire Morrissey, who is currently representing a corporate core participant in the Grenfell Tower Public Enquiry. Each Masterclass is supported with takeaway material so you can share insights across your organisation. 

All sessions are now open for registration and take place between the 13th and 28th of May.


1. Legislation & Enforcement: Interpretation and Tolerance

13th May 15:00-16:15

Join us for a comprehensive breakdown of the draft legislation. We'll cover the overarching changes, what this means for owners and managers of high risk buildings and discuss what enforcement may look like.  

2. AP & BSM: New roles for high risk buildings

20th May 15:00-16:15

Our experts delve into the proposed scope of the accountable person and building safety manager roles. Covering communication, liability, areas of contention and the role of insurance.

Following the session you will receive a case study on the key learnings from Grenfell, provided by Claire Morrissey.

3. Digital Golden Thread: Improving defensibility with technology

21st May 14:00-15:00

Management platforms are no longer a luxury in building safety. We discuss the role technology plays in building your defensibility and a demonstrable digital golden thread. Covering tips for technology-enabled visibility, tracking & management, version control and maintaining a trail of accountability. 

4. Communication: Managing resident engagement

27th May 15:00-16:00

How can proactive engagement and a managed consultation process benefit building safety management? Our experts lead a discussion on the role of the resident, how you can maintain brand value and key tips for building a technology enabled communication strategy. 

Following the session you'll receive a summary of recommended consultation practice and practical steps to share and implement.

5. Remedial action: Creating a staged programme to resolution

28th May 14:00-15:00

Join our discussion on the tangible steps you can follow proceeding the requirement for remedial action. You'll finish the session with our experts top tips, illustrative anecdotes and practical actions.

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