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BBC World News - Ark Director on mitigating the Coronavirus impact to your business

Featured on BBC World News' Impact Minds Programme, 20/02/2020.

BBC World News hosted a panel discussion on the extensive impact of Coronavirus and the pandemic's growing effect on businesses. Ark Workplace Risk's Senior Director, David Hills, highlighted the requirement for businesses to use appropriate software solutions to mitigate the risks of pandemics, in addition to having detailed, comprehensive pandemic preparedness plans in place that cover information such as work-from-home and return-to-work procedures. Watch the full panel below:


You can read more about Ark's approach to pandemic preparedness and the Coronavirus outbreak at: 

Ark provide comprehensive risk, compliance and safety solutions to businesses across the world. The QUOODA software platform gives companies the ability to take control of their workplace risk, compliance and safety with seamless integration, advanced reporting and rich insights.

Ark can support clients develop plans and arrangements for Coronavirus and future pandemics. For more information, get in touch with our team on 02073971450 or email

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