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The Telegraph's Business Reporter interviews Rosalind Benjamin, CEO

Rosalind Benjamin BR

We are delighted to share Ark Workplace Risk with Rosalind Benjamin, CEO, interview and article which is now live on the Telegraph’s Business Reporter website. 

Rosalind was invited by The Telegraph to discuss Digital Advances in Operational Risk, Compliance & Safety and how QUOODA® enables global scale, new business models and agility while creating economic value through integrated management and execution.  

Forward thinking executives and professionals managing facilities infrastructure and supply chains recognise that interoperability between systems, ecosystems, predictive analytics, 360° contextual visibility, real time situational awareness and agility, are of the six most ubiquitous aspirations with speed being at the heart of the matter.

Stakeholders within Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety e.g. users, tenants, customers and the entirety of their supply chain are looking to future proof, and want a new engagement that is as much to do with co-creation and connectivity, as optimisation.

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